David Apikian

Born: 1950, Erevan (Armenia‐USSR)

He received his Master of Architectural Degree from Eduard Viiralt Institute of Arts in Tallinn (Estonia) in 1982, after studying painting at the School of Fine Arts in Erevan and having worked at the animation film studios Soyuzmultfilm Studio in Moscow and at ArmenFilm in Erevan.

Living in Paris, since 1984, he has worked for Computer Animation Studios for numerous companies in France, London, Seoul, Copenhagen, Lisbon etc. As well, he worked as a teacher in residence at the Ecole d’Architecture Paris – Malaquais, and the Institut National de l’Audiovisuel and as an invited teacher at the Danish School of Design in Copenhagen.

He is presently continuing his visual research in the tradition of abstract representation, synthesizing his previous experience: painting, architectural design and digital animation.

David Apikian contributes regularly to international digital art festivals and fine art exhibitions, his artworks are in many private collections. He has exhibitions in France, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, UK, USA, Japan, China, Brazil, in numerous group and solo exhibitions. Recently his abstract animation film “Animae” received a Special Mention in Prize Simona Gesmundo for Animated Films Festival in Napoli (Italy). His main sources of inspiration are the masters of Russian Avant‐Garde, and art movements as De STIJL, Bauhaus and Scandinavian Architecture.


“I have been deeply influenced in my studying by the heritage of the Russian avant‐garde and the work methods of the Scandinavian school of architecture. In my work, I use simultaneously different sorts of media, traditional pigments as well as digital tools, and I cannot tell which one I prefer. The tool I choose only depends on the project I have in mind. I have an idea to start with that I must put on paper and then I develop it choosing the most appropriate medium for it. My compositions are always built on precise geometric grids, which offer me a real freedom of creation.” (David Apikian)